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Rezaie Consulting Group assists businesses to restructure and reorganize its competitive business plan and beat the odds of failure while operating in marketplace.  Whether it is heavy competition, political, financial, environmental, health and/or safety concerns -the stakes are massive.  Without a substantial and rapid infusion of cash, many small businesses will have little choice but to shutter for good.  

In the past few decades, the economy has come to resemble something more like a stagnant pool. Entrepreneurship, as measured by the rate of new-business formation, has declined in each decade since the 1970s, and adults under 35 (Millennials) are on track to be the least entrepreneurial generation on record. This decline in dynamism has coincided with the rise of extraordinarily large and profitable firms that look like the monopolies and oligopolies of the 19th century. American strip malls and yellow pages used to brim with new small businesses. Today, in a lot where several mom-and-pop shops might once have opened, Walmart spawns another superstore. In almost every sector of the economy—including manufacturing, construction, retail, and the entire service sector—the big companies are getting bigger. The share of all businesses that are new firms, meanwhile, has fallen by 50 percent since 1978. 

Our relationship starts at the point of engagement, and develops through collaborative efforts with clear cut communication so that the focus of the project is not shifted.   

We understand the unfortunate waste of money thrown at impractical data and poorly implemented recommendations.  This is why we developed a set of clear cut objectives to eliminate this waste.  Our expertise is approached with a sequence of phases based on the purposes presented.  We do not prolong the engagement process nor do we enlarge the scope of the work.

Our methods go beyond giving advice on a client's problem.  We conduct diagnostics to redefine the problems, make recommendations based on the diagnostics, assist with the implementation of recommended solutions, build a consensus of recommendation solutions, commit to corrective action, facilitate the issues at hand, and go the point of providing permanent organizational effectiveness.